Daniel Wheeler


Daniel Wheeler is an attorney licensed in California and a banking executive. He brings to PPRM his 23 years of experience advising and assisting banks and other organizations on their most important opportunities and challenges. He was in a management position at a large international law firm and oversaw that firm’s U.S. financial technology team of over 40 lawyers. He implemented innovative service offerings at the firm, increasing revenues and profits every year. He has demonstrated skill in client relationships and business development. He has guided the formation and operation of banks and many other organizations.
Mr. Wheeler is a strong supporter of the health freedom movement and believes that “we the people” must ensure that our physicians can practice medicine according to their conscience without corruption and undue influence of big pharma and politicians. To that end, Mr. Wheeler believes that we must defend our physicians against bad faith persecutions of doctors by medical boards who seek to silence dissent and independent thought.

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