March 28

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We are providers, patients and lawyers. Our aim is to defend providers and empower patients.

Why join Physician & Patients Reclaiming Medicine (PPRM)?

Defending providers is the most effective way to win the health freedom struggle in which we find ourselves today. Providers and Patients are both experiencing an erosion of their medical choices and freedoms. PPRM is working to defend providers from wrongful medical board persecution. This will allow providers to practice medicine according to science, their conscience, and with their patients’ informed consent.

The doctors we defend are some of the most courageous and decent people one will ever meet. It is deeply satisfying to do good work for good people. This work can influence the good health of present and future generations.

Membership empowers doctors to learn about legal self-defense and to find strong legal allies to protect their livelihood, reputation, and service to patients.

Membership empowers patients to learn about their medical rights and become strong advocates for diverse, equitable and inclusive healthcare options.

We believe a physician’s advice and chosen treatment are a must for a successful outcome to a patient’s good health. However, physicians and patients are currently being threatened, censored, and controlled by pharmaceutical corporations, government agencies, and politicians. These adverse influences disrupt the physician-patient relationship and impede patient care.

General mandates cannot provide the right treatment choices to every issue for every patient, as it does not take into account their unique specific medical history and individual needs. What is good for one person or for many people is not necessarily good for a specific patient. In fact, certain treatments may be quite harmful or unnecessary for a patient. Only the physician, with all the information, can evaluate what is best for the patient’s best health outcome. Government officials or politicians are not the patient’s physician.

By joining PPRM, you become part of a private membership association and will benefit from the resources PPRM makes available exclusively to its members. In addition, by volunteering to lead initiatives, members can have a big impact on helping reclaim our medical rights.


Basic Membership – $50/year
Forum Membership – $100/year

Your support is critically important to PPRM’s mission and gives you access to our members-only content.

All membership fees will go to the PMA and are not tax deductible. For tax-deductible donations, please donate to our 501c3 Legal Defense Fund.

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