Membership Application and Agreement for


A Private Membership Association

By joining the Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine Association, a private membership association (the “Association”) and any social media group or other group started by, created by, or organized by the Association, I agree to the terms and conditions of this Membership Application and Agreement as follows:

  1. This Association of Members declares that our objective is to allow the Association Trustees, Directors and Members to form and use a platform in which to conduct all manner of private business with the Association and with other associations and association members, keeping all business in the private domain and utilizing the protections guaranteed by the United States Constitution to conduct business in private.
  2. I and the other Association Members believe that the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees our Members the rights of free speech, petition, assembly, and the right to gather together for the lawful purpose of helping one another in asserting our rights protected by the Constitution and statutes, in addition to the rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to not incriminate ourselves, and the right to freely exercise all other unalienable rights as granted by God and guaranteed by those constitutions and statutes.

    I and the other Association Members hereby declare that we are exercising our right of “freedom of association” as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and equivalent provisions of the various State constitutions. This means that our Association activities are restricted to the private domain only.
  3. We declare the basic right of all our Members to decide for themselves which Members could be expected to give wise counsel and advice and to accept from those Members any and all counsel, advice, tips, treatments, and care that we believe is appropriate.
  4. We expect the freedom to choose and perform for ourselves the types of analysis and education that we think best for achieving and maintaining health and medical care for Members’ families consistent with our faiths, medical histories and personal philosophies.
  5. The Association will operate as a private membership association with the primary purpose of providing services to members of the association that further and implement the Association’s Mission Statement, the core of which is as follows:

    We are physicians and patients with a shared mission to reclaim medicine. As physicians, we are committed to the principle of first doing no harm in the sacred tradition of the Hippocratic Oath. Physicians are dedicated to protecting the health of our patients and to practicing ethical, scientific, and individualized care of the whole person. Patients and physicians together declare that patients have the inalienable right to seek and receive independent, uncensored advice and treatment from the patient’s chosen physician, unimpaired by those who do not share this commitment.
  6. I expect and understand that the Association’s pursuit of its Mission Statement is afforded all the protections guaranteed within the aforesaid Constitution.
  7. The Association will recognize any person (irrespective of race, color, or religion) who has joined this Association or any social media group organized, created, or managed by the Association and is in agreement with these principles and policies as a Member of this Association, providing said person has not been sanctioned or banned by the Trustees or Directors, and will provide a medium through which its individual Members may associate for actuating and bringing to fruition the purposes heretofore declared.
  8. Membership in this Association and any of its groups may be terminated by an Association Trustee or Director at any time should they conclude that a specific Member is interacting with any other Members in a way that is contrary or detrimental to the focus and principles of this Association.
  9. I understand that, since the Association is protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, it is outside the jurisdiction and authority of Federal and State Agencies and Authorities concerning all complaints or grievances against the Association Members or other staff persons. All rights of complaints or grievances will be settled by an Association designee, committee, or tribunal and will be waived by the Member for the benefit of the Association and its Members. By agreeing to this Membership Application and Agreement, I agree that I have sought sufficient education to determine that this is the course of action I want to take for myself.
  10. I agree to join the Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine Association, a private association whose Members seek to help each other achieve better health, medical care, and quality of life. My activities within the Association are a private contractual matter that I refuse to share with the Local, State, or Federal investigative or enforcement agencies. I agree not to pursue any course of legal action against the Association, any of its Trustees or Directors, or a fellow Member of the Association unless that person has exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil and upon the recommendation and approval of the Association.
  11. I enter into this agreement of my own free will without any pressure or coercion. I affirm that, as an Association Member I am joining in the capacity of a private member and not the capacity to represent any Local, State or Federal agency whose purpose is to regulate Association business, or to carry out any mission of enforcement, entrapment, or investigation.
  12. I have read and understood this document, and my questions have been answered fully to my satisfaction. I understand that I can withdraw from this agreement and terminate my Membership in this Association at any time, and that my Membership can and will be revoked if I engage in abusive, violent, menacing, destructive or harassing behavior towards any other Member of the Association. These pages consist of the entire agreement for my Membership in the Association.
  13. I agree this contract began on the date of my joining "Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine Association". I declare that by joining this Association and/or the Association’s social media groups, I have carefully read the whole of this document and I understand and agree with it. I also agree that, should I disagree with any part of this statement, I will immediately provide written notice of termination of my Membership.
  14. I understand that the Association may need to modify this Agreement from time to time and that I will be notified via posting to the Association’s website or through email regarding any modification. I understand that maintaining my Membership in the Association after such modification takes effect will constitute my approval and agreement to such modification.
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